Inservice Complete. We appreciate you completing your Owner Introduction Call and Inservice. As promised, below, we have provided links to free CME, Practice Parameters for Immunotherapy, and Sample Notes. We recommend that you join the American Academy of Allergy Asthma Immunology for a host of additional clinical and billing information. Also, for your convenience, we have included a link to our Quick Reference Guide.

Program Point Person. It is vital for program success that the Practice assign a Program Point Person. This person should have the time to focus on the program and appropriate proficiency. If they have the proper medical credentials to provide testing and treatment, as determined by the Practice, we can compensate the Program Point Person when and only when they are providing services related to the Allergy America™ program (for compliance). Otherwise, we shall make available a clinician, and the Practice can assign someone else to serve as the Program Point Person.

Program Launch Date. The next step is for your Program Point Person to book a brief call to set a program launch date and gain access to the online schedule. If they are going to be providing clinical services, we will be supplying them with additional related resources and information.