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Improving patent health and quality of life, while boosting clinic income and profitability is our passion.

The Allergy America™ program affords significant patient and practice benefits; by providing Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy, you can treat and retain your patients, instead of referring and losing the reimbursements.

Applying for the program is super easy; simply complete the brief Practice Analysis Application: allergyamerica.org/apply

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Pro Forma*

20 patients monthly = practice nets $400,000 annually
30 patients = $600,000
50 patients = $1,000,000

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"I have seen a big change! By this time of year both my girls [would] have already experienced 1-2 colds/infections. One will have had sinus infections, which would cause her to miss school. My youngest will have suffered from strep throat and upper respiratory infections. We are entering November with zero infections or colds and zero days missed at school. Big difference!" J.H.

"This allergy treatment has changed my life – it really works! I no longer need daily medication. I no longer feel like crap every day." LE

“Doctor S. Has helped me get to the bottom of my chronic fatigue and stomach issues.  It turns out that my allergic disease had almost everything to do with it and I never would have known if I hadn’t gotten diagnosed.”  C.J.
“I’m so thankful that I can feel my overall health improving.  I don’t get sick anymore, I can breathe at night, and I just feel happier during the day.  I wish I had gone through the program sooner!” B.A.

"Immunotherapy has helped significantly. I used to need medicine for COPD and Chronic Bronchitis but no longer need any inhalers. The tech is very efficient and knowledgeable." K.H.

"I am starting my second year and have had a tremendous improvement. Occasionally I use a nasal spray like saline or xlear but mostly I do not use any treatment besides Immunotherapy. I am pleased with the process and happy with my progress." B.D.

"Since starting Immunotherapy, I can be around cats and being outside is a pleasure, whereas before I couldn’t do either of these things. My quality of life has changed for the better." J.T.

"Significant improvement with my seasonal allergy reactions. 90-95% reduction. Very pleased with the personal professionalism of the entire staff. My quality of life has gone up tremendously over the past 2 years and continues to improve." P.B.

"I have noticed a change in how often I have Allergy like symptoms and love that I am no longer the one person who always has allergies. I had one experience where my Aunt was having really bad allergies related to the cotton and pollen and usually, I would be right there with her, but I wasn’t. it was nice to see that these treatments are working and improving my life!" L.M.

"I have been very happy with the practice – the nurse is wonderful. I have seen improvements even though I am still in the early part of the treatment. I hope to see more improvement as I do go forward." L.S.

"Since I’ve been receiving treatment, I have not experienced any symptoms that I was experiencing before. No more headaches, sore throat and sinus pressure due to allergies. I am so happy I decided to go ahead with the treatment." A.T.

"I have been very happy with the results of my Immunotherapy treatment. I used to have to take Zyrtec every day to relieve my allergy symptoms. Since starting Immunotherapy, I have not had to take any allergy medication and feel no symptoms!" L.S.

"I’ve seen great improvements in my quality of life. I’ve gone from having to take Zyrtec daily (and would still have symptoms) to occasionally having to take it. I am able to spend more time outside and visit friends who have cats in their homes. I can breathe easier and don’t have to use Flonase as much." J.B.

"I am very satisfied with my progress so far. I have noticed less of a reaction to pollen and pets since starting Immunotherapy. Everyone at the practice has been incredibly helpful and informative." S.T.

"I’ve been able to take less allergy medication and have gotten less infections than in previous months. I believe the treatments are improving my quality of life." J.R.

"Overall, I am happy with the treatment. Most of all my allergy issues have been drastically reduced. I do want to continue with my next round of treatments in the hope to lessen my symptoms even more." R.M.

"I have seen an improvement so far especially around dogs there seems to be less sneezing and eye issues. I also have seen an improvement when being outdoors on the grass." N.P.

"Before treatment started, I was having severe Asthma attacks but since treatment, my symptoms have improved TREMENDOUSLY!" D.O.

"Before starting the Immunotherapy treatment, I would always wake up with a dry itchy throat and that is rare to me now. I’d always sneeze around my dog and now I don’t have any more of this. This practice has significantly helped my quality of life." J.C.

"I am seeing a significant change in my allergies since I’ve begun treatment. I am far less sensitive to environmental triggers. The treatment is fast, simple and convenient. I am very satisfied with my results so far." L.C.

"My symptoms have improved greatly. A lot of less sneezing, itchy/watery eyes. My nose does not run as much. I used to be miserable." YS

"Very satisfied with the treatment and care provided. HIGHLY recommended treatment. I am glad I received treatment." Y.R.

"Immunotherapy treatment has created significant progress and improvement in my asthma/allergy symptoms and quality of life. Very satisfied with the progress. I have not had any sinus issues of allergy symptoms since starting the treatment." S.O.

"I can breathe a lot better through my nose. I wasn’t able to breathe well through my nose before the treatment. I did not experience many allergies this allergy season. I am very satisfied with the practice and staff, they are very helpful and caring. My quality of life has definitely improved since I am able to breathe through my nose." K.Y.

"Before starting this Immunotherapy treatment, every Spring and Fall I would have a terrible runny nose, sneezing, and congestion. I would have to take allergy medicine to get through the day, even though they often made me drowsy and unalert. Since starting this treatment, my symptoms have largely gone away. There are a few allergens that were not covered in this set of treatments, but I think the treatment resolved the worse ones. Being able to administer the doses at home has allowed me to keep up with the schedule of regular doses. I definitely would recommend this treatment." G.M.

"My son hasn’t been as itchy and his eczema has improved greatly. He has had an improvement in his breathing and asthma. He hasn’t been as congested and stuffy. He is doing great and the therapy is helping greatly." K.W.

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