Independent Sales Groups & Reps

It is important for us to briefly speak about leveraging your medical practice relationships to substantially increase your income and make it easier for you to present any other products and services that you may offer.

Independent Sales Groups Earn Residual Income on all Reps at 50%

Our investment empowers your practices to treat and retain their patients, rather than referring and losing the reimbursements.

Your practices have no capital investment or ongoing expense, the Allergy America™ program pays for what they need.

You can easily add this Stark-compliant service, which is covered by the payors to your book of business, and open the door to further your practice relationships.

Practices conservatively net $1,000-$3,000 annually per patient.

Joining the Allergy America™ program is super easy, simply complete the brief ISO Application and Agreement:

Learn more, text 980-291-9200 or schedule a five-minute FAQ teleconference:

"Since we have been with Allergy America, we have increased our revenue and strengthened our existing practice relationships, while getting us in the door with others. Our practices and reps love the program and the company staff. We highly recommend working with the Allergy America team, they are extremely organized and effective, truly professional." T.C.

“It feels great knowing our paycheck is hitting every month and we don’t have to worry.  We’ve been with Allergy America for many years now and have no complaints.  Professional, dedicated and passionate with everything they do.” C.C.
“We are fortunate to have found a company like Allergy America.  There are a lot of "bad apple" companies in this 1099 space and thankfully Allergy America is not one of them!” N.W.
“Working with the Allergy America staff to ensure account success has been a pleasure.  They are super professional and work as an unstoppable team.  Looking forward to bringing many more accounts for decades to come.” E.S.

"Allergy America has been an excellent partner through the years in allowing me to grow and assist me in securing relationships with many physician's offices both large and small to offer this unique and great service to practices all over."

"The company has been nothing less than professional and effective in explaining this program to potential clients and as it turned out soon to be physician practices from coast to coast."

"Integrity is sometimes hard to find; not with Allergy America. Integrity is a way of life and another day at the office. This gives me, as an account executive confidence that every practice I approach will be treated fairly and honestly over time."  R.W.

"Our company has had the pleasure of working with the Allergy America program since 2017. They have provided us with a complete solution for the majority of our doctors and have represented us well from a moral and ethical standpoint along with showing consistent support throughout the process."

"Utilizing this program, Allergy America has often been the key to opening doors with the majority of our doctors all while transitioning our company from a sales rep group to a consulting group and genuinely manifesting long-lasting relationships with our doctors."

"The program has worked very well in my clinics, Allergy America has provided an opportunity to identify, treat and retain patients who suffer from allergic disease which can treat the majority of their patient base all while dramatically increasing the financial foundation of their practice."

"Whether you're an independent rep or a consulting group, the Allergy America program is a must-have tool when developing your relationships with your doctors and growing long term revenue streams that are managed by the Allergy America staff."

"Through our company, we've had the opportunity to vet a number of allergy programs and found that Allergy America is the best national organization with the best standard operation procedures. I definitely recommend them to any group out there." T.W.

“As an independent rep of Allergy America, it has been both a financially rewarding experience as well as worthwhile in my career development.  Since starting in 2017, the Allergy America program has generated a substantial increase in revenue for medical practices. The Allergy America staff are prompt with their communication, professional, and a pleasure to work with.” R.G.

“We knew from the first conversation we had with the company, to the training, and beyond, that we absolutely made the right choice with Allergy America.  There have been so many false flag companies out there that make audacious claims, yet don’t produce anything behind the curtain.  It is very reassuring to work with a company like Allergy America where we can take the worry out of the equation and simply focus on selling.” P.M.D.

“In this independent industry, I always felt that I had to micromanage every aspect of every process, from implementation to payment which was exhausting.  Fortunately, with Allergy America that is not the case, and I can breathe easy knowing that they are good people and will get the job done every time with flying colors.” J.E.

“Why didn’t I sign up with these guys sooner!  This has been the missing link I have needed for my practices.” P.P.

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