Allergy America is one of the oldest and largest national companies of our kind and we strive to be effective and efficient in all processes. We seek quality business relationships with good people at the best medical practices.

We invest in your practice by making an initial capital investment to establish the Allergy Center, and pay the ongoing expenses related to antigen, medical supplies, devices, equipment and staffing. Additionally, we provide suggested best practices, protocols, processes and administrative documentation.

Improved patient health and quality of life is the best part of what we do, while also substantially increasing practice revenue and profitability. Patient outcomes and the success of your practice in providing these services are paramount to our company.

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"Since I began the program, my allergies have improved dramatically. Also my asthma has improved a lot. Ashley is very knowledgeable and professional, and she makes it very easy for me. I look forward to continuing the program." D.O.

"Feeling great since my first visit. I was very sick with allergy symptoms, but am now better and able to cope. The treatment are easy and fast and extremely convenient. I was able to enter into a routine immediately and have stayed on the regimen continuously. My Allergy Nurse is my absolute favorite. She is super knowledgeable, sweet and very easy to talk to. She is also very cautious and has an extreme amount of empathy. Love her!" K.C.

“All these years I was under the impression that allergies were just seasonal, so I suffered through them and bought allergy medication which really didn’t help.  Little did I know that they are all year round and have been causing all these other issues!  Why didn’t I know this!  I’m so thankful that I started the program and can stop my allergies once and for all.” S.L.

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