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Provide Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Treatment (SCIT)

SCIT is not new or experimental. Covered by the payors, SCIT is the known disease-modifying treatment for environmental/respiratory allergies, and millions of patients have been successfully treated for decades. Less than 1% of patients suffering from allergic diseases, specifically environmental/respiratory allergies, are being diagnosed and treated by specialists. The program focuses on the 99% of people with this disease who are not currently being treated by a specialist. Most patients do not realize that their immune system is compromised, non-stereotypical symptoms can be related to allergic disease, and that they can be simply and effectively tested and treated.

Typical Practices Include. Primary Care Providers, Internal Medicine Providers, Family Practices, General Practitioners, ENT Providers, Pulmonologists, Dermatologists, Rheumatologists, OB/GYNs, Pediatricians.

Overall, patient outcomes are tremendously beneficial with treatment, which results in improved patient health and quality of life, while simultaneously significantly increasing the revenue and profitability of your practice. The program services are designed to easily integrate with your practice’s existing protocols without increasing the workload of your practice staff.

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“We have has issues working with other companies before, so we were hesitant to work with Allergy America.  After months of deliberating we finally decided to partner up.  Knowing what we know now, I wish there was a way we could have started years ago.  This company has done everything that they say they will, and has made it an absolute PLEASURE working with them.  Our patients are feeling the best they ever have and our practice is stabilizing financially, letting us keep our independence.  Honestly, I’m not sure what we would have done without Allergy America.” Dr. S.

“I am very careful and thoroughly vet whomever I partner with in my practice, and I am pleased to say Allergy America has passed with flying colors.  My practice has seen a large increase in revenue, the patient outcomes have been tremendous and the company support has guided me from the beginning.  If you are a practice thinking of starting with Allergy America, I would highly recommend moving forward right away, as I wish I had started sooner!”  Dr. H.
“We are a firm believer in “patient first” in this practice and it turns out Allergy America has the same philosophy.  Its nice to know our patients are taken care of and we can offer a service as valuable as this.  Treating allergic disease should be on every practice’s radar, and working with Allergy America should be the first thing you do.  Our patients’ health are improving and we are earning revenue which to us is a bi-product of good medicine.  We are happy to endorse Allergy America.” Dr. P.
“Its nice to work with professionals like Allergy America as their process is buttoned up and streamlined.  The staff is friendly, the service is quick, and the communication is always there.  We never felt alone or confused in this process like we have with other companies we have tried in the past.  Other vendors really need to take a look at how Allergy America does it, because they do it right.  Thanks guys.” Dr. L.
“I have nothing but great things to say about the company Allergy America.  They do what they say every time, period.  5/5 stars.” Dr. P.
“I have to admit I was skeptical at first as there are a lot of false promises in this industry, but I’m glad I followed my gut and signed up with these guys (Allergy America).  I am in complete control of my patients, practice, and medicine and they provide all of what I need to be even better at what I do.  Thanks for sticking with us!” Dr. L.
“I really struggle to think of any issues we’ve had with Allergy America as it's been super easy getting started.  Our staff has not been the most cooperative, which I apologize for, but you guys kept by our side and helped us navigate the launch so we could be successful.  We're so excited to really take this to the next level for our practice and patients! Dr. K.
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